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Home study course

Start: at any time

You want to be flexible and use new opportunities?

Huna, this wonderful life philosophy from Hawaii has been part of my life for many years. I offer since  2014 a special training to become a Huna practitioner. It is available as a home study course and can be completed with the Huna Practitioner © Certificate.
You decide where and when to study Huna. You can spend your time freely, apply Huna individually to current life situations, you can ask questions at any time and be looked after. These are the big advantages of the Huna home study program. In addition the study can be started at any time.

What to expect?

  • Study the main aspects of Huna
  • Use Huna, as a source of wisdom and a healing method in your everyday life
  • Develope your own healing style
  • Combine your talents, and your knowledge and make a power package out of it.
  • Become the healer for yourself and others, you are meant to be.

Huna originated more than 2000 years ago in Polynesia. Huna means secret or hidden knowledge. It is the knowledge of the laws of life and of the energy that creates our life, learn to direct it.

Huna is easy to use and clearly solution-oriented. It provides tremendous support to meet today’s needs well and is a great addition to any healing work.

This special training is for

  • Therapists, who want to be more powerful
  • Counselers who want to realign or supplement their work
  • Aspiring therapists who want to integrate Huna into their healing work
  • People who are ready for an invigorating reorientation
  • Those, who want to acquire additional qualification
  • People for whom strengthening the personality and growth is important
  • Those who want to strengthen their inner healer

Life is an adventure! When it’s time for you to start the Huna adventure or you’re just curious, just email me and I’ll be happy to send you the details of the home study course.

This education gives you a completely new approach to you and life. Limitations dissolve and new perspectives emerge.
Happy day, lot’s of blessings

Susanne Weikl


  • „I learned a lot, for that I would like to thank you dear Susanne very much. You are always in such a great presence, well prepared and at the same time totally flexible. This is unlikely to be good. „
  • „I feel curious and full of thirst for adventure and have been trying new things for several weeks, which worked really well. Through HUNA and the training with you, the trust in life has become very big! „
  • „Impressive is your way of teaching. You can take questions and situations without evaluating them and giving appropriate impulses. I learn a lot from your answers.”
  • “Your competence and warmth are very helpful for my learning. „
  • „The training has led me to change boundaries, to go with it in my own strength and arbitrariness and to increase the harmony in me.“
  • „I have become an adventurer, to see life as an adventure, to accept the challenge, be confident, without despairing. I manage that well. „
  • „I’ve become more confident and can handle stress much better.“
  • „Thank you for the inspiring contents and exercises! We can learn so much from you, it’s a lot of fun! „
  • “I think it’s really impressive and I’m glad that you accompany us so wonderful on our way. Thank you so much!”
  • “The course was incredible fun! What am I glad it goes on! I’m really happy to live and work with Huna even more deeply! „
  • „I am very happy that Huna has arrived in my everyday life and that it actually works.“

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