Hawaii 2014 – Ordination Alaka’i

My journey to become an Alaka’i started 2012 in Hawaii. I heard about the Alaka’i training. Alaka’i means someone who knows the path, a navigator in the sea of ​​knowledge or simply someone who conveys knowledge through intensive study, testing and self-awareness.

I was fascinated by the freedom of this training. It’s not about following a given path, it is about finding my own path and creating a path as easy, useful and powerful as possible, adapting the path to my needs and goals, and finding out what works and what not, by experiencing and experimenting. When I’m stuck, I ask questions and got answers. So I went into a dynamic process, highly motivated, because I quickly felt what I’m all about and what I can do, when I am free. In the end I found out that I am always free. I am free to change my thought model, to empower my reaction, my judgment and above all to empower myself. My self-confidence and belief in my power to influence me and my life in the most positive sense has grown tremendously.
So in 2012 I started the Alaka’i study of Huna (healing knowledge from Hawaii). Now I have returned for my ordination as an Alaka’i of Huna International, Hawaii and to redirect my experiences into new paths.

Before I had the ordination I visited powerful hawaiian places:

Haleakala auf Maui:
The house of the sun. Watch the sunrise or the sundown and you know what magic is!

Make your own Ipu with Gayle

Gayle and her husbund grow this special kind of squash and make the Ipu, a traditional hawaiian Hula Instrument out of it. She is half Hawaiian and half Japanese and also a child of the sea. Mahalo Gayle for hosting me!

Hia, Kanaloa and Tikis

Tikis are statues made of wood. They represent different gods. I asked Hia for a tiki of the god of Kanaloa, the god of the sea. He represents qualities like total confidence, harmony and peaceful living. This statue has now a special place in my practise room.


Once in my life, I would like to paddle with an outrigger Kanu on the sea and the Kihei Kanuclub gave me the oppurtunity to make that wish come true. Very early in the morning, after praising the sun and watching the sunrise we paddled in silent and enjoyed the movement of our arms and the sea.

Molokai, Rachel, Hula and slow down

Molokai is a small island and here you can find the original Hawaii. Slow down, this is Molokai!

I experienced what „Malama aina” = take care for the earth, means. The people on this island treasure the hawaiian language and culture and I meet Rachel, a wonderful Kumu Hula.

The Aunties and Uncles of the island, meet twice a week in order to sing and play the Ukulele. You feel like in heaven!

Later in the evening was a festival with Hula dancing and whenever I talked to locals, their first sentence was: “Oh, welcome on our Island!”.

Halawa-Valley and Uncle Filipo

The Halawa valley is a very remote place in Molokai. I meet Uncle Filipo, 75 years old, married for 51 years. He always lived here in the valley. He told me: “I eat fish and taro and taro and fish.” He survived 2 Tsunamis, because of the natural instincts people have, who have a deep connection with nature.

He says: “Equal where we come from, where we live and which language we speak, we are family. There is always something that connects us.”

Mouala Falls, blessings for the ordination as a Alaka’i

I hiked to the waterfall deep in the Halawa valley, get into the water and realised that I swam under a tropical waterfall. What a feeling!

Meeting Pele

Kilauea is the most active volcan0 worldwide. It is the home of Pele, godness of the fire.

Ordination as a Alaka’i

My ordination was one of the most powerful experiences I ever had. During that ritual I got my hawaiian name:

“No’eau ka hana a ka ua, akamai a ‘imina o ka no’ono’o”. Which means “Wise in doing, clever in thinking ”.

Heavy rain blessed the whole day and I was happy about that. Why? Rain means: “Aloha wai ola!” Getting blessed with wealth, abundance, richness in any you can imagine, abundance of health, friends, knowledge, insights, power, money and so on. Happy day!

Mauna Kea

Der Mauna Kea is the highest mountain of Hawaii. For the Hawaiian a very special place, a place where all creation has its beginning and also home of the snow godness Poliauhu.

The perfect place to shout my hawaiian name out into the world!

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