My sphere of activity:

Full of curiosity and a desire to explore, I am always delving deeper into the mysteries of healing. On my travels I seek exchange with healers worldwide to enrich my healing work. I have worked at the Healing Gathering of the Cree Indians in Canada, received healing treatments in the Himalayas, worked with shamans in the steppes of Mongolia and as a Alakai teacher I have close contact with Aloha International, Hawaii.

All this makes my work so unique and individual. Every person who comes to me is unique. I always strive to find individual ways to make healing simple and easy.

The goal of our healing work together, is to rediscover, empower und trust yourself, and to engage in miraculous forces of transformation. You will experience the effect in everyday life.

I work with adults, children and animals. I support them in all acute and chronic illnesses, emotional and mental problems, childbearing, pregnancy, birth, vaccinations, conflicts in relationships or at work, as well as in reorientation, change and growth processes.

Openness, curiosity and the intention that change may happen are the only basics that are necessary. Each treatment is self-contained and effective. Continuous work is more effective.

Death and grief counseling


The basis of my healing work is Huna, a particularly loving way of looking at life and existence that originated early in Hawaii. Huna is a Hawaiian word that means hidden or secret, because it is not visible at first sight. Huna contains the ancient knowledge of healing that has evolved from practical experience and observation of life.

Huna was brought out of hiding and made available to people again by Serge Kahili King over sixty years ago, Serge was „adopted“ by a Hawaiian family, the Kahili family and learned Huna the old Hawaiian way. He then taught and published the same knowledge in a way more accessible to the Western mind.

Huna is simple, timeless, clear and therefore ideal for our modern everyday life. It strengthens self-confidence and self-responsibility and is characterized by love, empowerment and joy of life. It challenges us to see ourselves as creaters of our life and not as a product of our past. In doing so, mental abilities are trained and the enjoyment of life is increased.

During our life journey we want to develop. Decisive for this maturing process is how we deal with life experiences. Often we block ourselves in the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual realms. Then we feel powerless, trapped in emotions and conflicts, an illness hinders us or we are entangled in belief patterns.

The goal of our interaction is to release self-healing power in each area. My kind of healing work has a releasing, uncovering, harmonizing and strengthening effect. It provides:

  • Better use of your potential and talent
  • Brings in new momentum into your live
  • resolve conflicts and harmonize relationships
  • makes your healthy and powerful
  • increases your energy level and effectiveness
  • let you trust yourself and enjoy life

What exists in Huna are concepts, techniques and lots of encouragement to be the authority in your own life and create your own happiness and well-being. The only thing that counts is effectiveness. I use healing methods from different fields, individually adapted to your concerns.

Death and grief counseling

The sudden death of my father invited me to get deeper in the process of dying. The intensive care of my mother and my voluntary hospice work enriched my experiences. I am grateful for that. In general, dying triggers fear and a sense of helplessness, we believe that death overcomes us and never comes at the right time.
But dying is as natural as breathing. A cycle comes to an end and a new one begins. A beautiful experience can be a self-determined death that can take place without any obstacles. This requires courage, trust and clarity on either side, the dying and in the relatives.

Dying is a big challenge. It confronts us with saying goodbye and letting go, even letting go of the dying so that one can leave when he/she feels the timing is right.

The dying process requires a lot of strength. Especially in case of severe or painful illnesses or dementia, it can be helpful to support the dying person and to show the dying spirit the way back home.  I support the relatives to take leave and I accomany the dying.

Mourning for people is important and has its place in our lives. If you need help in this process I will accompany you with all my experience.

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