Huna Workshop in Hawaii

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Huna Workshop in Hawaii

Hawaii is closer to my heart than any other place in the world. It is the home of Huna, the philosophy of life that forms the basis of my work. The beauty and fascination of these islands, captivates everyone and touches us deeply. I have been there many times, to meet wonderful, hospitable people, soul mates and with many of them I becoae friends.

Every spring I offer a Huna Workshop in Hawaii with a selected small group. Rituals, encounters with Hawaiians, visits to special places, an active volcano and beautiful hikes let us experience the roots of Huna. Many intense experiences and heart encounters are part of the journey. Our seminar room is nature with its wonderful power..
Hawaii is a very popular destination, so booking flights and accommodation early is necessary.

If you have always dreamed of Hawaii, treat yourself to something special, want to be far away from your allday life, experience the Pazific ocean, or would like to experience the magic of Hawaii, just request more information from me.

Susanne Weikl

Workshop Huna in Hawaii: 2022

Aloha Hawaii, again in 2022. We discover the islands of  Oahu and Big Island.
Oahu is the most famous island of Hawaii with its capital city Honolulu and the well-known beach of Waikiki. But Oahu has much more to offer, hidden treasures and places of great power to discover. From a centrally located accommodation, we explore the island in a star shape.

Big Island is the largest, youngest and wildest island in Hawaii. It is also called the island of healers. The first week we spend on the east side of the Big Island and live near the active volcano. We spend time in the Punadistrikt, which is largely undiscovered by tourists. Hawaii is still very original there. After half of the time we switch to the „sunny side“ of the island and follow the footsteps of Captain Cook, the coffee farmers and the priests of ancient Hawaii. This side of the island provides us constant sunshine and let us know its secrets.

Every day, we seek out places of power and experience their peculiarities in rituals, while we explore the island and meet locals and healers. We experience the untamed power of nature, walk in the footsteps of the ancient Hawaiians, discover and use the roots of Huna.

Away from the tourist trails, we nourish ourselves with the rich energy and wondrous power of these islands in the middle of the Pacific. We heal ourselves and experience the special magic of our existence in all facets and with lots of Aloha.

Workshop in South Africa: Listen to the Whale songs

Africa is considered to be „the cradle of humanity.” We will experience this diversity on our two-week Workshop trip in September 2022, in the middle of the South African springtime. During our journey we will explore the Whale coast, the wine country and also the Cape Peninsula and Capetown. We will be guided by the spirit of the whales and penetrate deeply to the roots of freedom and adventure.

South Africa is the best country to meet and watch the whales from the coast. These ocean giants make the long journey each year from the South Pole to the coast of South Africa, to mate or give birth. We are up close! Watching as they glide smoothly through the sea, hear their singing and experience their mating game.

The whale spirit will be our compass, door opener and power animal. It helps us to listen carefully, to bring our deeply hidden desires to the surface and nourish them with the power of South Africa.

This workshop differs significantly from the classic trips in the holiday catalogs. It’s not about seeing as much as possible in a short time, it’s about absorbing and taking as much of the special powers as possible. We have great support at our side: the whales, the giants of the seas and funny penguins, the forces of the Atlantic and the Indian Ocean, the purifying effect of the Cape wind or the stone power of Table Mountain. In the circle of these elemental  forces, deeply hidden dreams may come to the surface and find food.

We travel and explore parts of the country, dwell in places of strength and strengthen our visions in rituals, meet visionaries and follow the footsteps of Nelson Mandela and we achieve a close connection with the natural power and practice Huna.

Would you like to join us? Follow the advice of Nelson Mandela: „I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it.”

Your courage and longing, to give room to your dreams and visions and to give you something out of the ordinary, will lead you to the roots of humanity, to experience the magic of the whales.

Want more information, just email me!

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