Aloha Hawaii!

We are spiritual beings and live on earth to experience and unleash our full potential. That’s why I asked my spirit at the winter solstice 2011, where do I have 2012 is the biggest growth opportunity and the answer was Hawaii. My first thought was, why do I have to fly around half the globe? 😉

It was the right decision!
At the end of the journey I knew for sure, that Hawaii was already waiting for me. It was part of a bigger plan, offered from a higher wisdom.

The closer the date of the journey, the more obvious it became that parts of me were rebelling against this journey, constantly having new physical ailments and no joyful anticipation. Today I know that it was a kind of fear how powerful I could become. I am as powerful, as a allow myself to be. After this journey I knew there is a lot of power to influence my life waiting for me.

Hawaii is fire and water, symbolized by an active volcano, old stuff is transformed in something new. Pele, the volcan godness shows her strenght and power, an experience I will never forget. Healing power per exellence.

Huna Intensiv with Serge Kahili King

Serge, 75 old, is Kahuna (= healer) and was trained by his father and uncle in the Hawaiian tradition of the adventure shamans. That means to focus on harmonization, instead of struggle. He teaches methods of expanding one’s consciousness, to use your power and the powers of nature, to experience different views of reality in order to heal relationship between body and mind, between people and between life circumstances. The methods are effective and simple at the same time.

These 7 shamanic principles are the foundations of his healing work:
1. The world is what you think it is
2. There are no limits
3. Energy flows where attention goes
4. Now is the moment of power
5. Aloha is to be happy with
6. All power comes from within
7. Effectiveness is the measure of truth

The focus of the course was working with the 7 elemental forces: fire, wind, water, stones, plants, animals and humans. We studied their energy patterns, how they influence each other and our energy field and what power they bring us. With these experiences, we can design healing platforms as well as recognize and use power spots or power places. We have visited sacred and powerful nature sites and expanded our aura so that our energy body resonates with it. The more varied our energy field is the more powerful we create our live and what we do.

The most active Volcano was always present and encouraged us to do as much healing work as possible.

Learning Huna is asking questions, experiencing the knowledge, rather than learning the techniques. You live Huna, not just “learning” it. The techniques are sweet, short and very solution oriented.

String Figures

Lois Stokes introduced me to this ancient tawaiian healing method. As children, we liked to do these thread games. The Hawaiins used it for self-healing. Not only the mobility of the fingers and the concentration is practiced, you tap into a healing energy field and in an altered state of consciousness. I wanted to know more and visited Lois and Earl at home. They opened the door to the secrets of string figures, an exciting journey of discovery that has just begun.

Anuenue and her family

I meet her on the island of Kauai. She is living there with her husbund and their 12 children. She growed up in San Francisco. 5 years ago she follwed the call of her ancestors and returned back to her roots. Her husbund is pure Hawaiian, a traditional fisherman. Anuenue told me: “Whenever he throws out his nets, I fall in love with him again.”

Part of the family is the mother of Anuenue. As a young girl, she met her one and everlasting love, a marine officer and followed him to California. I guess she was a very beautiful young woman. She told me a lot about the old times, when the hawaiian language and practising the culture was forbidden. She is very lucky that.her grandchildren can live their culture again

Aunty Angeline Kaihalanaopuna Locey

Aunty Angeline is a well-known Lomi Lomi teacher. She is now 85 years old and retired. As a young woman, she followed her intuition and was trained in this traditional way of healing massage, at a time when there was only one traditional teacher left. Her children continue this work and her granddaughter Malia has given me a very profound healing massage. After that, I was allowed to meet Aunty Angeline, a wonderful old lady, pure love, and she welcomed me with the words „Whenever you touch someone, touch with loving hands.“
Speaking of farewell, I asked her if I could kiss her on the cheeks. She said you can kiss and touch me everywhere, we in Hawaii do it that always. What would the world be like, if we touch each other with loving hands?

Auntie Angelina invited me to a traditional hawaiian ritual at night. There was singing, music, dancing hula and playing the nose flute. I was deeply touched, when I got a nose flut as a gift. Every morning, during my journey I tried to play the nose flute, not easy, but a got better and better with each day.

Aunty Bew

Whenever you address someone with aunty or uncle, you show respect for that person. She explained to me with her wonderful voice, that she comes from a large family of musicians. She is the youngest of 14 children. Everyone makes music, she sings and there are many CDs from her family. I also learned from her that if you have at least 50% Hawaiian blood, you can lease land for $ 1 a year and manage it and the kids can use it if they are still 25% Hawaiian. She is such a wonderful story teller, I could listen to her for hours. Share what you have, that’s the Aloha Spirit.

A farmers family in the Waipio Valley

In ancient times this valley was only allowed to be entered by the kings, it was and is a holy place. The way down is so steep that only a few people hike down. I waded through mud and rivers and met a farmers woman, who has just watched her children bathing in the river. I asked her if she could show me her farm and yes, she took me around for 2 hours. They are living in a house with solar energy, have rainwater tanks instead of running water, and an SOS house, that is more like a big tent on a high stone for the time of flooding. The children walk barefoot and have enormous knowledge about the plants. In the picture she tells about the taro plant (sweet potato), staple food, medicinal plant and adornment for the vase at the same time. They live on sale in the farmermarkets and her husband offers horseback riding down to the valley, They have cows and goats and are self-sufficient. Only the mosquitoes don’t fit into this paradise.

Mahalo nui loa und a hui hou Hawaii!!!

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