Interview mit Serge Kahili King:

Question and Answers Interview Serge

  1. Who decides, who becomes a healer in an Hawaiian family? (Is there an automatic sequence, a selection?)

    Children were given all kinds of games and tasks. They were trained according to the skills from family members (uncle, grandfather, relatives…).

  2. When is a person a healer?

    Person is a healer, when he begins to heal.(e.g. body, emotions, way of thinking, envirement)

  3. At what point did you start calling yourself a healer and act like a healer?

    When I began to heal individuals, using the techiques I had been taught.

  4. Do you sometimes have doubts about yourself?

    Untill I was 18, yes. Then I went to the marine corps. I leared never to doubt myself again. Now I help others stop doubting themselves by using what I learned. The main thing I learned was to always praise myself for anything good I do, I never critizising myself for anything not good. Instead of critizising, I just change what I do.

  5. How do I find out what special healing skills I have? (e.g. healing hands….)

    Anyone can heal with their hands, but you have to learn how. First you learn this skill from someone, then you apply those skills to help people or nature.
    The more skills you learn, the more choises you have to use what you like and to do better and do your best.

  6. How do I get access to Hunarituals that I don’t know yet or don’t know about their possible applications?

    Do a lot of reading, watch my youtube videos, also ask Susanne to teach you.

  7. At the moment I have the impression that I know Huna on the surface, but there is much more. Are you still learning something new and how?

    I am always learning something new. Mainly from others people, whats being done. Experimenting, with what they teach and testing new insights from that.
    This is constantly happens.

  8. Do you believe in magic or is everything predictable, when you take the right steps? E.g. you change a belief, then the situation changes certainly.

    First we had to define Magic. Magic, is a result of adding mental and emotional energy to physical energy in order to accomplish something.
    Nothing is predictable, Magic sometime increases the odds of getting what you want. For example: Chancing a believe is easy to say, but not necessarily easy to do. Result of doing that, is not completely predictable.

  9. In your youtube videos you always hold a stick. What is the meaning of it?

    The stick is a sign of status, very common to carry in hawaiian tradition for healers or teachers. It is a wand. In my case, this wand has a special length and material, that creates an energyfield and a flow. This can be used to increase my own energy and can be used as a tool to helping to heal someone else. Multiply of 5 inches from a Kawila tress. More information, see chapter 8, Urban shaman.

  10. When I have pain, is it always my pain or can it also be a pain from my environment, collective, family or ancestors, that I have taken over or made it to my pain? What is important for healing?

    If you have pain, it is always your pain. It may be influenced by something or someone else, it is still your pain. The thing about pain is, wether it is physical, mental or emotional, that it is always an effect of physical, emotional or mental resistance. Eliminate or lower resistance and the pain disappears.

  11. If we divide the body from head to toe, into 3 areas. Is there an keyword for each area, that is useful to reflect on it, in case of pain or illness?

    You can divide the body in as many areas as you want and give each one a keyword if you like. This is only useful, if you find a way to use it.
    Im my book „Imaginiering for health“ I divide the body in 4 areas, each related to resistance in different areas of life. It is very useful to pinpoint and heal specific problems.

    1 Top of the head – Armpits – Kommunication issues
    2 Armpits – Navel – Love issues
    3 Navel – Hips – Power issues
    4 Hips – Feet – Problems of change

    We found that very useful, but it is only one system.

  12. When I do healing work, what can be the reason, that for some people a physical issue e.g. back pain, resolves within a short time and for others it takes longer or does not heal at all? And how can I achieve better healing results?

    It is not all up to you. The problem is with the person, not your healing. Some people have more difficulty of letting go feelings, memories, ideas and tension than others.

  13. I was diagnosed with breast cancer 1 year ago. I finished several treatments and now I am cancer free. Should I mentally just assume that I am healthy now or what is a healthy attitude?

    An healthy attitude would be to thank your body every day or even more often for being cancer free. Doing a lot of forgiving for any angry thoughts or memories you may have stored of it.

  14. Is there a soul plan for my life? Is my life path already planned at birth and therefore also my vocation or life task?

    If that would be true, there would be no reason for living. Much less making plans for many things or trying to make anything better. My point of view is, that we creating our life everyday. It is up to us to make those days good or bad. We can not controll what happens, but we can controll, what we do about what happens. We are not puppets, we are free thinking people.

  15. I am particularly interested in the concept of self-mastery in Huna. What are the most important aspects to anchor in everyday life?

    Very simple: Love, Compassion, Self confidence and Self esteem.

  16. How can I effectively and easily strengthen my self-confidence and mana to come into my inner power? How did you proceed concretely?

    You strengthen your self confidence by frequently thanking and praising your body, mind and spirit for the good they do and you absolutely refuse to critize yourself. If there is something about yourself that you don’t like or think it is not good or as good at it can be or should be, well, then put all your effort into changing it, without critizing it.
    Strengthening your Mana, your inner power, that involves increasing your knowledge, strengening your body and building up your charisma by connecting with the power around you. Remerber Mana is not just energy, it is power and influence. The more this is oriented towards the good of others as well as yourself, the more powerful and influencial you become.

  17. What are some effective ways to develop self-confidence as a healer, when you are younger than most clients?

    Forget about your age, what matters is what you can do to help people.

  18. Which effective ways do you use to work with your la a kea or that of your clients?

    What I do, is to be aware of it, my own field of energy around me, I practise extending it, to increase my awareness and I fill it with what I believe is useful and good. When I share or use it to communicate with people, places or things, they can use it for there own good.

  19. Why are people in the world that behave like evil and be cruel. In the large sense (rulers) or in the small sense (family members, neighbour).

    The people, who do this, are filled with fear. They hurt others as a way of feeling important and powerful. If you like to know more about it, read my article Powerhits and Lovebits.

  20. How do I manage to see my fellow human beings as brothers and sisters, when they are agressive, full of anger or show disrespect?

    If you only look at those who are full of anger or show disrespect, that is all you going to see. There are fare more people, who are peaceful, full of love and respect, but you seldom hear about them in the news.
    As for myself, the only ones I see as brothers and sisters, are my blood brothers and sisters. The majority of the rest, I see as friends and the rest I try to heal.

  21. Since summer I have no contact with my brother-in-law and his children. I stopped the contact on my part, after big quarrels. How can I achieve a state of inner peace?

    What is very helpful, to practise using La a kea to create your own peace and surround the others with peace and giving them permission to be what they are and do what they do. The benefit is, that in giving up resisting of how they are and what they do, this helps you to achieve the state of inner peace. I did’t say it is easy.
    To fill your La a kea in order to create peace, a symbol is a good idea.It depends what is good for you. What I like is, to give it a colour and a purpose.

  22. What is a good way for dissolving very, very persistant resistance ?

    It depends what kind of resistance it is. Resuming it is your resistance, we talking about. If it is mental resistance, you can change your mind or review your rules about how other people should behave. If it is emotional resistance, that takes a lot of forgiving and like I just said, giving them permission to do what they do and be who they are.

  23. How can I create real peace within me, in very fast way?

    Super fast self development, there is way. Bring yourself completly into the present moment and do that with sight, sound and touch. Then you compliment all the good things that you see, hear and feel. That is a way to create inner peace very quickly. But it requires focusing on that and not on the things that bother you.

  24. The path of Aloha is the path of less resistance. How does one come to the state of Aloha with extremely difficult people/situations?

    You don’t seek the state of Aloha. The way you do it, is act with Aloha. I give some ideas about this, putting La a kea around someone to help them to be peaceful, even doing healing work, complimenting what’s good in your envirement, this is all Aloha.
    You don’t come to a state of Aloha, you act with Aloha and then you can provide more Aloha and you feel more Aloha. You don’t reach an non-changing state of Aloha. We provide more Aloha for ourselves and everything else. You are walking down in your house and you tap your toe. That’s not very peaceful, but you act with Aloha to heal it and you feel better.
    Feeling Aloha ist not something you can reach and you stay at. You can learn to act with Aloha most of the time. Aloha is activity.

  25. How do I manage to bring Ku, Kane and Lono in harmony? Sometimes when I am in a very good mood, my body has complaints, or vice versa.

    Kane is your spritual consciousness, no problem there, because it is pure Aloha. The most popular way to connect with it, is by meditation or contemplation.
    Lono is you mind or your mental consciousness. Problem there come mainly from your rules about life, also people, places and things. Your rules about those. You can examine your rules and change the ones that are not working for you.
    Ku ist your body consciousness. Problems there come from resisting feelings hat come from ideas, thought, experiences and memories. So, you can help change those feelings by relaxing physical tension. Giving your body what it needs in form of breathing, movement, hydration and by changing your mind about things you don’t like.
    If you feeling good and your body hurts, you need to help to make your body happy.

  26. What comes after death from a Huna perspective ? Where do we go? Do we see our friends again?

    Very good question with no good answers. Every culture, religion, philosophy, people with near death experience, they have their own ideas. In our Huna practise, when a person dies, we have a ritual to go to a place in our inner world, to help them cross over. And there is usually an experience with those who have passed, some kind of interaction. That does’t mean, thats what happens to everyone. It is one way of working with the situation.
    Be patient, you will found out one day.
    Very helpful is to find a view, that makes you happy. So, I suggest if you going to use one particular system to believe in, make it a good one. Everything that everyone says about it, while they are alive, is made up. Make up a story that helps you feel good.

  27. What happens after death with Ku, Lono, Kane.

    In our teaching they are forms of consciousness that compose your whole spirit. We don’t know what happens after death. So make up a good story.
    Your spirit, we think, can chang itself in all 3 aspects.

  28. At the moment many people are talking about a time of change towards a new age. How do you see these theories from a Huna point of view and what can we do as individuals?

    From a Huna point of view, you have to look at the world more closely. If you read a lot of history, you find that this idea of coming into a new age is very, very old. It is even older than the bible, which is about that, too. You find, if you look well, we are always in a time of change. A lot of people are addicted to concepts of beginnings and endings and the idea of someone or somethings fixing what is not working.
    The Huna view is based on the ancient Hawaiian view. That we are always living in the present. What’s done is done, what hasn’t happend, hasn’t happen. Neither the past, nor the future exists in any real sense.
    So as individuals we make the best of what we have and do our best to make it better.

  29. People say we are now in the 5th dimension. How will the earth and humans change, and to what extent can we contribute ourselves.

    We must realize, people say a lot of things, that mustn’t mean they are true.
    We don’t know how the earth and the humans will change. As I mentioned before, what we can do is, make the best of what we have and do our best to make it better.

  30. What does Huna say about the destruction of our earth by humans, the loss of biodiversity, climate change and the exploitation of the earth? From Huna point of view, are there possibilities for harmonization or balancing in order to be able to set positive healing impulses?

    Well, modern archaeology and geology indicate that the earth and the inhabitants go to numerous tremendos changes. Whats been discovered it involves apperently world wide destruction, loss of bioversity, climate change, even perhaps the explodation of the earth.
    From a Huna point of view there are always possibilies for harmonization or balancing, in ordert o be able to set positive healing impulses. Again we have just do the best we can.

  31. When we discharge our tensions (stress, anger, fear) through our feet into the earth for transformation: doesn’t that weaken the earth?

    Well, we actually discharge our tension through our aura into the earth, not just through our feet. Through our whole energy field we extends what we feeling and what we doing. Yes, that can have an affect, wether earthquakes or vulcanic eruptions, but take a good look at the world as a whole. She is really big and it is mostly under water.
    So our feelings and tensions have some effect, but it is far from planet impair.
    And if there are a lot of people, who are upset, with bad feelings, that will affect specially places, where there are earthquakes falls, which includes most of the major cities of the world, volcanic activities, which is also closed to many cities of the earth and the weather. This does’t weaken the earth, but it looks like it propably irritates it. But a single Asteroid can have more effect than all the humans, who have ever lived. Don’t let all your individuell tension take credit for what happens.

  32. What benefits do we have from blessing our food?

    When we bless something, we increasing its own goodness. That can have an positive effect on our health and well being when we use this tool.

  33. At night I sometimes have a strong negative feeling, connected with an image, about unpleasant things in my environment. Most of the time this hunch comes true. I try to relax and change the focus, but then I feel great resistance. How can I deal with this information in a healing way?

    I suggest a couple of things that have worked for me and others. Because I and others have felt those things, too. So what I suggest you, again be aware of your aura, your La a kea, fill it with love and extend it into your environment, whether it is inside or outside. I will often use a beautiful green because I associate green with love. But fill it with what ever gives you the best peaceful, loving feeling. You do this every day or when ever you think about it, in the place we are talking about.
    Another thing. Get an image of the Eye of Kanaloa. Because this is a symbol that radiates energy of harmony. The simplest way is to print it out on paper and put one on each wall. That had often changed the environmental energy over night. But leave them up als long as you like and you can even put some colour in it, to make them pretty. But it will start to harmonize the energy on the place you are in.

  34. Kala says there are no limits. What was your greatest experience with this rule?

    There have been so many experiences. But I have to say, the greatest for me, was marrying the woman of my dreams.

  35. Do you have a favorite exercise?

    My favourite exercise is yard work, we have a big yard. While I am working in the yard, I can walk, lift, carry, bend, squad, breath more deeply, hydrate by drinking water, move every part of my body and enjoy the beauty of helping the plants – creating harmony.

We have answered all the questions. That’s great. We are great!

Thank you Serge, for sharing your wisdom. That’s a pleasure.

I have to say, trust the power deep within you, with Aloha, that could be the conclusion of our interview. We are never helpless, we can be part of a positive change and bring more Aloha to our life and to the live of many others.

You have the last word Serge. Aloha and a hui hou, until we meet again.

Good bye, blessings to all of you for health, happiness, trust and lot’s of Aloha!

Hang loose, enjoy life and have fun. Serge, have the most wonderful birhtday celebration next week. Lot’s of greetings to Gloria.

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